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NIQ is the world's leading consumer intelligence company that delivers the Full View, offering a complete understanding of consumer buying behavior for new growth pathways. With a century of experience and expertise, NIQ measures more channels, consumers, and countries than ever before, providing industry-leading insights.

We deliver the Full View

NIQ delivers the Full View, the world’s most complete and clear understanding of consumer buying behavior that reveals new pathways to growth.

A century of consumer intelligence

Our founder, Arthur C. Nielsen, created the concept of market share in 1923. 100-years later, we’re the world’s leading consumer intelligence company, measuring more channels, more consumers, and more countries than ever before to deliver the industry’s most understandable and actionable insights.

We show the world what people want

Our purpose is clear–discover insights within consumer buying behavior and reveal them to the world. You trust us to fully and accurately represent the world’s consumers, and we take this responsibility seriously.

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