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Paul E. González Mangual


Paul González Mangual has been immersed in various facets of the culinary industry for over 10 years, creating events such as the Coffee & Chocolate Expo. He holds a diploma as a promoter of traditional mezcal culture from CEMMEZ, is a certified barista and bartender, and has obtained WSET Level 2 certification in spirits. He is the founder of the educational platform Club Mezcal, co-founder of Agave Imports LLC, and co-host of the culinary podcast "Let's Talk About Food".

My love for food has always been intertwined with the culinary world and my professional career. In 2010, I co-founded an event production company and Guinness World Record holder dedicated to culinary events, one of them being the Coffee & Chocolate Expo. Additionally, for several years, I was a partner in a company that distributed gourmet products made in the Caribbean.

Education has been essential for expanding my palate and understanding all aspects of the culinary world. As a result, I have become certified as a barista by the Specialty Coffee Association, as a bartender by the International Bartenders Association, have taken cooking courses at the Culinary Institute of America, obtained WSET Level 2 certification in spirits, and immersed myself in the world of mezcal through a diploma from the Center for Studies on Maguey and Mezcal to become a promoter of traditional mezcal culture.

As a consequence of all these experiences, Club Mezcal was born, an educational platform to learn, understand and appreciate one of the most mystical and historical agave distillates in the world. From this initiative, Agave Imports LLC emerged, as an importer and distributor of agave-derived products.

Beyond gastronomy, writing has been one of my great passions, resulting in the publication of five books, a TEDx talk, columns in culinary media, and currently co-hosting the culinary podcast "Let's Talk About Food".

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