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Winston Acevedo

Beverages Director

During my professional career I have worked as a bartender and bar manager in emblematic places in Caracas. I worked for 6 years as a bar manager at El Cine Group (Caracas) and then for 6 and a half years at CMFOODCO (Panama) where I currently work.

Beverage Director with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked as a Bartender and Bar Manager in emblematic venues in Caracas. I spent 6 years as Bar Manager at El Cine Group (Caracas), and later 6 and a half years at CMFOODCO (Panama), where I currently work. CMFOODCO is a restaurant group with 12 branches in Caracas, Central America, and the Caribbean, with 5 more projects to come. The following restaurants are part of this group:

  • Brutto (Panama/Aruba/El Salvador)
  • Lucca (Panama/Aruba/Caracas/Soon to come in El Salvador)
  • Azahar (Panama)
  • Wahaka (Panama)
  • Bruttito (Panama/Caracas/Soon to come in Tocumen Airport)
  • Filomena (Panama/Soon to come in Caracas)
  • Burger Project (Panama - Dark Kitchen/Caracas)
  • The Office (Aruba)

I am responsible for overseeing the entire Bar area of this group, as well as designing menus and training Bar and Dining Room personnel through a Bar program that is updated regularly. I manage a team of 40 people in the Bar area. My goal is to contribute to restaurants and anyone who wants to improve and understand from a more accurate perspective what it is like to work in a Bar, regardless of where they are located. In essence, and based on my experience, the Bar is and will be the same anywhere in the world, and people can take better attitudes to improve their results in the Bar-related field.

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